Brain Shape is a unique clinic for rehabilitation and maintenance of cognitive brain functioning

With Brain Shape's occupational therapists, adults can treat difficulties in cognitive functioning such as slower reaction time, concentration and memory problems.

We also work in collaboration with experts in different areas, such as conventional and natural medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology and more, in order to give our clients the most precise and comprehensive treatment.

Our treatment takes place in our clinic, in the client’s home, through the internet or the phone with the platform. 

Who is Brain Shape for?

  • People who have sustained a brain injury due to Covid-19, an injury or accident, a stroke or other medical condition that caused a neurological impairment, even years after the injury.
  • People who have cognitive deterioration, e.g. MCI, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Vascular Dementia and other dementias.
  • People who want to maintain or improve their cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory speed of thought and cognitive acuity.
  • People with ADD / ADHD or sensory modulation problems
  • People who suffer from PTSD (post-trauma)

Diminished cognitive capacities, memory problems - we know today that we do not have to accept this verdict passively.  We can train our brain and improve our abilities at any age – preferably sooner than later.

We'll be happy to assist you too.