The Brain Shape method

Brain Shape offers individual brain training, customized to suit the specific needs and goals of each client. Brain Shape's goal is to maintain and improve cognitive abilities and quality of life over time.

Personal brain training includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all the factors that affect one’s cognitive-functioning status. The number of sessions and their frequency are adjusted to the client’s needs, and could be anywhere between one meeting aimed at self-training instruction to a number of sessions per week.

Brain Shape includes:

  • Diagnosing the client’s cognitive-functioning status;
  • Determining the client’s goals;
  • Teaching the client how to independently maintain and improve cognitive functioning in his/her daily life, according to his/her goals;
  • Designing a focused brain-training program, if required, that includes the use of various exercises. The training specifically targets those areas of the brain that control the relevant cognitive abilities;
  • Cooperation with relevant professionals, if required.


Clients talk about their Brain Shape experience and their improved abilities

“I am 52 years old and have worked in the hi-tech industry for many years. Recently I had a car accident and I noticed that my concentration and memory had declined and that I was unable to solve problems as well as before. When I came for three Personal Brain Shape sessions, I received the instruction I needed to improve my abilities and learned training strategies to improve my memory. Warmly recommended! “

“Hi, my name is Aviva and I retired recently. I feel that my brain is in excellent condition, but I was afraid it would deteriorate because I stopped working. It is very important to me to maintain my quality of life. I scheduled one session of Personal Brain Shape and received helpful instruction on how to train my brain independently on a daily basis in a way that is both interesting and convenient. Very effective!”

“I am Moshe, 83 years old. I felt that I had memory problems and that my thought processes had slowed down. I noticed, for example, that sometimes I had trouble finding the word I wanted to say, remembering a person’s name or why I opened the closet. I made an appointment for Personal Brain Shape, was diagnosed and a training program was designed for me. I train once a week, and get instructions for independent daily self-practice. I can see it helps me, and my bridge partners say that I have become quicker and sharper.”

“I am 75 years old and was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer. It is very important to me and to my family that I maintain the abilities, independence and quality of life that I enjoy today. That’s why I attend two Personal Brain Shape sessions a week, and it has been very helpful.”